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Snapshot / Group Shot / Family Shot

Photo Service

Professional photographers are available at your request at Dolphin Bay.
Need a memorable snapshot with our dolphins? Just ask one of our staff and a photographer will fulfill your needs.
Please be aware that for the safety of our dolphins, participating guests in the second part of Close Encounter(actual touching and interacting) will not be allowed to use personal cameras. A professional photographer will be standing by to take your pictures and will be available for purchase.

We have several line-ups for Photo Service which start from "Jump" and "Hand Shake" in the Close Encounter program.
We also provide photo services for "Dolphin Symphony" and "Dolphin Free Diving"!!
Get your special shot with our Dolphins♪

Our photo service has also expanded to most of our programs.
Please check below for more details.

Please be advised!! Dolphin Pacific is prohibiting guests from taking photos and movies during CE, DS, and DFD. However, during DFD, proper briefing will be given pior to water entry should one decide to use a personal camera.

Photo Service Line-up

■Close Encounter
You will have a special "Jump" or "Hand Shake" from the Dolphin in this program!!
If you wish, a photographer will take a snapshot for your special memory.
And at the end of program...
You will have a time for "Group Shot"!! It's not just for groups, you can do it by yourself, with a special someone, or with the whole family.

(Sample Pictures)
(Personal Shot/Hand Shake)
(Group Shot/Jump)

Photos taken by request will be edited on our computers with our original border design, and will be putting on CD-R.

(Sample Pictures)

■Dolphin Symphony / Dolphin Free Diving
Our photographers will take several shots randomly in this program when you interact with the dolphin on the surface.
The photographer will choose the "5 Best Shots" from the entire Symphony program. CD-Rs are only for these programs.
※We do not have "Underwater Photo Service" at the moment. Thank you for your understanding!!

(Sample Pictures)

※Dorsal Tow. Plant a smile on your face as the dolphin takes you from the middle of the pool back to the dock. Be sure to smile for the camera!!
This will also be part of the "5 Best Shots" on the CD. Please be advised!! Our photographers are well trained to adapt to almost all situations. With that said, due to unknown and very rare circumstances, the photographer will be unable to take this certain photo.
Thank you for your understanding!!

Photo Service Price List(As of July.16.2010)

■Close Encounter
(Kiss/Hand Shake Price is for per "Person".)
(Landing/Jumping Price is for per "Shot".)
Hand Shake ⇒ $15
Jumping ⇒ $20

■Dolphin Symphony / Dolphin Free Diving
(The price is for "Group".)
Dolphin Symphony ⇒ $20(For 5 shots)
Dolphin Free Diving ⇒ $20(For 5 shots)

※With the price of supplies going up, the price of our print photos will be a little more than the CD-R.
Thank you for your understanding!!

Check Point

Photo Check before purchasing.
We have a viewing monitor at your diposal at the "Demul Gift Shop" so you can see you photos before making you final decision.

What's that you say? "I want pictures but I'm not good at posing for pictures..."
For anyone shy or not sure of what to do, our photo staff will help you make the best memory with your special photo!! We will take your special memory photos at Dolphin Bay with ourPhoto Service!!
No worries on rainy days!! We have cameras especially for these times. Our photo service is team is well prepared for these situations!!