Dolphins Pacific


Program Assistant Dolphin Trainer(ADT)
The requirements of an ADT Healthy and physically fit
18 years old and over
Loves Dolphins
Would like to learn more about Dolphins
Subject We recommend this program for people who LOVE dolphins, are interested in having a dolphin trainer experience, who dream about becoming a dolphin trainer or interested in animal training and can travel overseas. Would you take a chance and live in Palau to take a step towards making your dreams come true??
This is a one month program which gives you an opportunity to experience the day to day duties of a dolphin trainer and learn about training techniques.

■ Our goal is to provide you with knowledge to conduct a walking tour & briefing for the Close Encounter program.
■ You will be a member of the animal training team; 5(five) days a week with 2(two) days off.
■ We provide lectures on animal training, corals and marine conservation.(Lectures will be conducted in English)
■ Accomodations is included in the program fee. Food and basic living essentials will be at your own cost.
■ We provide 3 staff uniforms and a certificate of completion is given at the end of the program.
■ After the program, you will have the opportunity to work as a volunteer but must pass an interview process.
■ If you do not cooperate with the instructions given, we reserve the right to terminate your program.
■ We deal with marine mammals. Please understand that this is a great opportunity for you and we expect proper work ethics. You must be prepared to work hard before you apply for the program.
Lecture We provide lectures for the ADTs`.(1)~(4) are mandatory lectures. In order to finish the ADT program, you must take those lectures. (5)~(6) are lectures you could take if you are interested.

(1) Animal Training through Positive Reinforcement (Head Trainer)
(2) Dolphins Animal Care (Assistant Veterinarian)
(3) Communication between Dolphins and Humans(Head Trainer)
(4)Whales (SeniorTrainer)
(5) Palau's Environment (Supervisor)
(6) Corals (Marine Educator)
Period Minimum days for the ADT program: 20~30days(Please make the reservations for your flight on the 1st to 5th of the month.)
Maximum number 8 adults
Price $1,000
Includes:ADT Program contents, Housing, Bicycle Use, 3 - Original T-shirts and lectures
Not included:Airfare and food & living allowances (the cost of living)
Please send us the following information (1~6) by e-mail.

(1) Name
(2) E-mail address
(3) Age
(4) Occupation(if you are student, list the name of your school)
(5) The month of your choice(or "not decided","any month")
(6) Comments

Dolphins Pacificwill send you「ADT Information」
If you are interested in the program,fill out「ADT Application」and send it to us by e-mail.
If you are able to join in on our ADT program,We will send you 「Detailed Information」after.
Please get ready to join our ADT program!!
Attention *We cannot refund your money after confirmation.

Living in Palau

■Shared Accomodation■
The location of the apartment is the second floor of the Bangikoi store in Medalaii, Koror. It has 3 bedrooms shared (each room has an air conditioner), a dining room, living room and a kitchen with the neccessary tools to make a decent meal. The apartment is located right at the side of the main road and is accessible. In addition, the apartment has a 24 hour security guard on the first floor.
It is about 15 minutes bicycle ride from the apartment to the office
(*We don't allow ADTs` to drive any vehicles for safety reasons.)
■Post office■
It takes about 5 minutes from the apartment to the post office. You can stop by on the way to shopping or we can take it to the post for you.
---About the phone---
You can call overseas by using a Debusch prepaid card. You can get it at any store.($10~)

---About Internet---
You can use our personal computer at office. (Available only after 5pm.)
We provide you with a bicycle or if you need, you can take a taxi.
It takes 20 minutes by bicycle to get to the main stores of palau. There are some shopping centers where you can buy necessities.
■Optional Tour■
There are lots of other optional tours in Palau. We can assist you to make reservations.