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Palau Nature School ~Travel of Water and Air~

Program Palau Nature School ~Travel of Water and Air~
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1. Name of the representitive
2. Phone number
3. Number of participants
4. Name of the program that you want to participate
5. Date that you are taking the program and time(AM/PM)
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Open Date EVERYDAY(AM9:00~PM4:00)
Actual Time about 7 HOURS
Check in Time 9:00
Program Fee US$80(Over 6years old~)
Inclusive Mask・Snorkel・Fins/ Lunch/ Drinks/ Materials/ Life Jacket
Contents This program is a Nature Experience program for everyone from 6years up. Program will start with a history of our mother earth. We will discuss and learn what is necessary to survive in the nature; and How is the current situation of mother earth; and a chronological review of history to the present. Then we will proceed to kayak and see the nature more closely. By chance, you might be afforded the opportunity to sight endemic animals in Palau. After Lunch we will focus on our five senses with some games at the Emerald lagoon, Dolphin Bay. We will end the program by participating in the Coral Planting Project. Everyone!! Here is your one chance to take a stand and experience our Palau Nature Expedition!!
What to bring *Be prepared to get wet
*Sun Block(Optional)
Special Note *This program is NOT an interactive program with dolphins.
*There may be changes to the schedule due to weather conditions.
*Please contact our office for more information.