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Feel Dolphins

Program Feel Dolphins
Suitable for People who have autism and other difficulties/ People who want to interact with dolphins at their own pace
Contents This is a program that we plan at the request of our guest needs. This program is tailored at your own pace.
Our goal is to get the guests to relax and have fun interacting with our dolphins here at Dolphins Pacific.

【Examples of program】

First day:Feel Bay:Let's get accustomed to new surrounding!
Feel Bay is for our guests to get used to our facility. We made this program for our guests, as there were more who took time to get accustomed to our environment. On that note, we decided not to include dolphins and brought our price lower. We will have a coordinator accompaning you through out the whole program. (* Coordinator: (This person will take care of your family and gardians), Partner: ( He/She will stay and take care of the person who has autism or any other difficulties.

Staff:2 staff

Examples of this program
In the begining of this program, we will walk around the facility at your pace and see our dolphins up close. We will get the guests to touch dolphins if he/she is interested in them. Also, we will go into the water at one of our pools where there is no dolphins, to get used to the ocean with our life jacket and fins. (The depth of the water is about 6-8m) Your whole family can also enjoy snorkeling to see what our water of Palau has to offer, You might be able to see different types of marine life such as soft corals, turtles, fish, crabs and so on. You can also enjoy Palau's nature by observing and touching them.

Second day:Feel Dolphins: Let's play with dolphins!!
We will inclue dolphins for this program. We will provide more interaction depending on your condition.

We will have:
□2 dolphins
□Your personal dolphin trainer

Examples of program
At this program, you will interact with dolphins more by feeding fish, playing with a ball or hoop and so on. You also will be able to give our dolphins signs to do a special behaviour such as jump and bye-bye.(We will teach you how to do it!) After the swimming practice, you will also have a chance to go into the dolphin's pool to swim with them.

* If you are wishing to join this program after the third day, you can suggest the contents depending on your child's situation. Let's discuss this together!
* If it's your first time , you will need to join Feel Dolphins program at least 2 days.
* The program starts at 9 or 13:30. If you are wishing for another time schedule, please feel free to ask us when you are making a booking.

※Check examples of the program
※Read comments of participants

Examples of the schedule①~For guest who joins for the first time~

First day:Feel Bay
Second day:Feel Dolphins
Third day:Feel Dolphins

First day:Feel Bay
Second day:Feel Dolphins
Third day:Feel Bay

Examples of the schedule②~For the repeater guests~

First day:Feel Dolphins
Second day:Feel Dolphins
Price Please send e-mail to us to check availability.
Capacity Please ask(Basically 1 group per day)
How to make a reservation ◆◆This program starts from when we discuss the program.◆◆
Please e-mail us:reservation★ ★ to @)to get the detail.

We will contact by e-mail to exchange information.

We will set up the goals and purpose based on the information.

We will decide the content of program which suits each guest.

Depend on the contents, we might ask you to prepare at home
(Example:「Practicing to get used to go into the water」「Practicing to swim with fins」)

Let's meet up at your hotel at arrival day or one day before the program!
Caution This program is not Dolphin Assisted Therapy.It is an Individual Dolphin Assisted Activity.
The biggest goal of this program is for our guests to have a great time interacting with dolphins with a relaxed environment and to enjoy Palau's beautiful nature, at Dolphins Pacific. We would like to put more value on the progress not the result or achieving goals.

How to apply

★☆★ Our wishes ★☆★
We are a go-between for participants and dolphins and also a coordinator.We wish that this program will provide the guest an opportunity to have a new 『step』 under the theme of Palau, ocean and dolphins.

Here is an example of the process below. Below is when the guest who is the repeater and want to join “Feel Dolphins” for one day.

(1) Preparation of trip
Inquiry from the guest
Reply back by e-mail or fax:
We will send Feel Dolphins application form.
Please send the form back when you finish filling it out.
We will set up the purpose and goals by discussing each other based on the form.

(2) Arrive in Palau
Staff in charge will come to your hotel to greet before the program.
(When you have a free time)
I will have a brief explaination and let's check the schedule and what to bring at that day!

(3) First day
Goal : 「 Swim with dolphins 」

9:00 check-in
Boat departure
Arrive at Dolphin Bay
Preparation(Putting a suncreen, Supplying water)
10:00 Walking tour
Interaction with dolphins(Example)
 ■Playing with a ball
11:00 Snorkeling(Swimming practice)
Swimming with dolphins(About 15-20 minutes)
11:45 Lunch
Preparation to leave
Boat departure

Comments from the past Japanese participants

◆I think it is a wonderful thing to carry out whole program at my kid's pace.This 3 days program gave us a great memories. i almost cried when she swam with dolphins. Thank you very much for being welcome by all of your staff. We want to come visit again.

◆I applied for this program for my son, but I enjoyed it the most!Since every program was at his pace, he could participate in the program smoothly. I could leave him with staff without any anxiety. Thank you very much.

◆It was a wonderful memory for my son to spend time with staff. Dolphin bay has a good environment and being there made me feel relaxed. My son also seemed to be happy to feed fish and wave a hand to dolphins.

◆I enjoyed very much to spend a great 2 days. Thank you. It was good to join at son's pace at first and second day and finally swim in the ocean.Thanks to staff's kindness, parent also enjoyed being relaxed.

◆I really appreciate that many staff took care of us. Not only my son but also we spent a relaxed time. 3 days past so quickly. I am going to book again soon. I will be looking forward to seeing you.

◆Since everything was first time to him,(First time to travel overseas and first time to see dolphins)he seemed to be reluctant by a small unusual thing, but once he arrived at Dolphins Pacific , he started being motivated little by little as he knows what he is going to do by a picture card and the schedule he saw in advance.He gradually started accepting the new thing. Staff cared each kid's situation and carried out at his own pace. Therefore, parents could concentrate on interacting with dolphins.

◆It was really nice to show my son a schedule by a picture in advance because autistic generally tends to get panic when he can't forecast what it will happen . Although it ws hard to conduct the program as we planed, he enjoyed an interaction with dolphins. I really appreciate your kindness. 

◆I didn't have to worry about other people during the program since Feel Dolphins was totaly separate from the usual program. All of staff was very helpful to be kind and active. It was worth coming all the way from Japan. Thank you.