Dolphins Pacific

Fureai Diving

Name of the Program Fureai Diving
Reservation Form Reserve TODAY
TIME Eary Morning Intro Diving with CE

6:00 am pick-up
6:30 (Intro Dive @PRR)
8:00 (Day Dream)
8:30 (Dolphins Pacific)
9:00 (Departure)
9:10 (Close encounter)
10:30 (Dolphin Dive)
11:40 (Back to Dolphins Pacific)
12:00 (Drop Hotel)
Price per participant $220.00
Participants +Can not dive if you are flying the same day.
+Participant must participate first in the Close Encounter program.
+Persons 10 years and over.
+In accordance with NECO Marine regulations.
Activity Description This program allows everybody who does not have a certification or experience in scuba diving to dive with dolphins. You will be able to enjoy under water world with dolphins under supervision of instructor(s). Day Dream produce Instructor.
What to wear and bring *Swim wear
*Sun Block(optional)
*(Day Dream will prepare necessary diving gears)
IMPORTANT NOTICE *Children 0-9 years old are not allowed to participate.
*Parents or guardians must accompany participants who are 10-12years of age.
Participants, who have done Close Encounter in the past three years, will need one adult for two kids. For those who haven’t done Close Encounter at all or within the past three years, will need at least one adult for a group.
*Any participants who are between the ages of 13-18 years(depending on the countries legal age limits) require their guardian's signature; yet do not require guardian's presence.
*Participants willing to participate Dolphin Intro Dive,Please READ here!.
*Be advised that you must be able to equalize to continue the program.(there will be NO refund.)