Dolphins Pacific

Dolphin Free Dive

Name of the Program DOLPHIN FREE DIVE
Reservation Form Reserve TODAY
TIME 12:30 p.m ONLY
Price per participant $110.00
Qualifications Participants who have already experienced our Close Encounter program.
Participants Persons 6 years and over.
Activity Description Spend elited time with the dolphins!
Exclusively swim freely in the dolphins world. This program does not restrict you to the surface and gives you the chance to experience swimming in clear blue water side by side with a dolphin. Dive deep and be aware of the natural world surrounding you as you create a unforgettable moment for you. The memory of dolphins will always stay with you! Feel the essence of the dolphins underwater world with your body and soul!
There will be no picture taking for safety of the guests and our dolphins during the actual touching and interacting with dolphins. A professional photographer will be standing by to take your pictures and will be sold to you if you wish to buy it.
For more information, please click "HERE"!!
What to wear bring *Mask, Fins and Snorkel(provided for free at Dolphins Pacific)
*Swim wear
*Sun block (optional)
*Cap or hat (optional)
IMPORTANT NOTICE *Children 0-12 years old are not allowed to participate.
*Children 13-18 years old are asked for signature of parent or guardian of approval.
*Only guest who are able to free dive can participate. However, if considered not the level of safety skill, our staff will ask the participants to stop free diving. If participants still seem to be a threat to dolphins, you may be asked to get out of the water.
*For safety reasons - pregnant women are not allowed to participate this program.