Dolphins Pacific

Dolphin Diving

Name of the Program DOLPHIN DIVE
Reservation Form Reserve TODAY
TIME 8:30 a.m ONLY
Price per participant $120.00
Participants Participant who have already experienced our Close Encounter program.
Activity Description Dolphin Scuba Dive - Prerequisite: Dolphin Close Encounter. This program allows you to enjoy the magnificent under water wonders of Palau with Dolphins, using scuba tank. Sharing the same time and environment with dolphins may make you feel like being a part of Mother Nature. Feel free to enjoy your dream of diving with dolphis in a natural setting! Dolphin Pacific itself will not provide guides for diving. For those making reservations directly with Dolphins Pacific, a guide from an assigned dive shop will be accompanying you in the course of your diving. Divers must show proof of a Dive License. This program with the Close Encounter takes about 2 1/2-3hours. Actual bottom dive is about time 20-25 minutes.
What to wear and wear *Diving license.
*Mask, Fins and Snorkel(provided for free at Dolphins Pacific)
*Set of diving gears (rental is available upon request)
*Sun Block(optional)
*Persons under the age of 18 years must have parents consent.
*Please don't forget to bring your diving license and must be presented in order to dive.
*For safety reasons - pregnant women are not allowed to participant this program.
※Rule of PADI *Children 0-9 years old are not allowed to participate.
*Parents or guardians must accompany participants who are 10 - 12 years of age.
Participants, who have done Close Encounter in the past three years, will need one adult for two kids. For those who haven’t done Close Encounter at all or within the past three years, will need at least one adult for a group.
*Any participants who are between the ages of 13-18 years(depending on the countries legal age limits) require their guardian's signature; yet do not require guardian's presence.
*Children 10-18 years old must have a certified dive license.
When you go for diving, you are advised to leave at a certain time before boarding an airplane.

●What time before boarding it after having dived that needs a decompression stop
More than ⇒ 24 hours

●What time before boarding it after having dived in decompression free limits.
○A single dive (a diving only for once after much time passed from a diving from six hours)
More than ⇒ minimum 12 time
○After I passed on a repetition diving and plural days, and having dived
More than ⇒ minimum 18 time, the above is ideal for 24 hours
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